Out of Body, Out of Mind
Episode 5

Combining Cannabis with Spiritual Practices - Awakening the Soma with Will Johnson

Nathan Peatling published on

Ever wondered how to combine cannabis with spiritual practices? Or how to leverage your yoga, meditation or breathe work for fruitful psychedelic experiences? On today’s show I talk with the Institute for Embodiment Training founder Will Johnson for a talk about awakening the soma within, using cannabis for spiritual practices and what it means to have good posture in these practices, eliminating tension and breathing through the whole body.

All the information he shares is invaluable for the psychonaut, experienced or not. Let’s lead and follow ourselves to embodying this natural state.

Find Will and information on his centre - Embodiment Training.

You can find Will’s books here, and the book mentioned in the podcast Zig Zag Zen can be found here.

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