Out of Body, Out of Mind
Episode 6

The Shaman and The Scientist with Sarah Hutt

Nathan Peatling published on

On today's show I talk with author and film maker Sarah Hutt about her latest documentary The Shaman and The Scientist. The Shaman and The Scientist is a short exploration of knowledge and scientific discovery, exploring the potential of indigenous plant-based medicine in the Amazon jungle from the perspective Don Juan Tangoa Paima, a shaman who uses native plants and Ayahuasca to heal, and Dr. Dennis McKenna an American ethnobotanist on a hunt to discover new medicines.

'What's the value of a cure for AIDS that grew in a forest you cut down last week?' - Dr. Dennis McKenna 

'I'm not going to take to the grave everything I have learned, because I know humanity will need it.' - Don Juan Tangoa Paima 


Make sure you catch the film over on Vimeo right here.

You can find more information about the film and Sarah at the website www.theshamanandthescientist.com


And if you're in Sydney March 31st, why not catch the premiere of the film? More information here.

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