Out of Body, Out of Mind
Episode 3

The What, Why and How of DMT – 600 Trips and Embracing the Unknown with Dick Khan

Nathan Peatling published on

A psychedelic experience inducing podcast on DMT, occult and psychedelics, setting your intention, integrating experiences, dealing with difficult experiences, letting go to embrace the unknown and living a normal life before, during and after over 600 voyages with DMT. Today I sit down and chat with Dick Khan, a family man who decided to investigate the causal nature of the DMT experience which lead to the publication of his book, DMT & My Occult Mind: Investigations of Occult Realities Using the Spirit Molecule. Full of eerie experiences and insightful gems - not one to be missed. Enjoy.

You can find explorer Dick Khan via his instagram page, his website and you can purchase his outstanding book on his experiences here

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