Out of Context
Episode 2

Big Yellow Codpiece

Bryant P. published on

In which we discuss the titular codpiece, Richie Sambora, studio musicians, vaginal gestures, city councils severely lacking in probiotics, zombie lawyers, and fabulous rewards for you, our listeners (not necessarily in that order).  We continue to be plagued by recording issues, which means that Jake tends to come through loud and clear, whereas Bryant fades from mumbling to sporatic, faint sylables barely picked up by the mic.

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  • Chris Hayes

    Hey Bryant, if you guys need any help working out recording problems I'd be happy to offer a little bit of my time and recording experience if that would be helpful. Thanks for trying out ShoutEngine.

  • Bryant P.

    Thanks Chris, but I we've got it mostly figured out in our latest unpublished episode.
    Keep up the good work with The Smoking Tire, Hooniverse, etc.