Out of Context
Episode 3

Judy Garland's Entrails

Bryant P. published on

Probably our most successful recording in history, at least in terms of fidelity and intelligability, if not in content. Today we discuss the meaning of garlands, Richie Sambora's jacket, phoneic French philosophy, Die Hard (the best Christmas movie ever), the Rubber Bandits, cliched jokes, nuggets made of various substances, IKEA sherpas, Reba McEntire's various sitcoms, my secret shrine to Lilly Tomlin, bald eagles, torture basements and positive attitudes, that guy from 30 Rock and how he is different from that guy from 24, Larry David, persimmons, hot hoosier women, ovaries, Robot Richard Nixon, creepy German kids, Henry Kissinger, weird scones, making assumptions about people's race, Stephen Tyler vs. my asshole, scarves vs. scars, Richie Sambuca, Liquid Plumber Double Penetration, Maroon 5 vs. Mussolini, bad puns, and getting a Master's degree in hiking.

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