Out of Context
Episode 5

RHCP Historians

Bryant P. published on

Fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers must be tearing their hair out while listing to our half-remembered discussions of the band's drummer, whatever the hell his name is.  Also, why Communism is better, Sid Meier and Mavis Beacon and their various computer programs, the similarities between Azerbaijan and Samoa, the differences between balalaikas and mandolins, shitty comic strips, The Hunt For Red October, that time where Jake was dead for 10 years, Tim Curry and "Congo," inaudible gestures, Potato Things, exchange rates, Sweet Home Alabama Fried Chicken, Neil Young and how he knows jack shit about the South, one sided conversations, the differences between John Adams and John Quincy Adams, Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer," terrible jam bands, and of course 'Merica.

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