Own The Corporate Ladder

Hello and welcome to Own The Corporate Ladder Podcast. My name is Jerry Kenna and I own several businesses in the accounting and finance industry.  I attended the University of Pittsburgh and Robert Morris University for my Bachelor’s Degree and MBA.  I started my business as a side hustle back in 2007 because I needed the extra income to cover my student loan bill, in 2010 I started the Corporation I own today called Landmark Business Solutions, Inc.  In 2012 I left my corporate job in accounting to pursue my business full time.  In February of 2012, I remember standing in the kitchen of my two bedroom apartment with my new wife discussing the terrifying thought of leaving a job with health insurance, a retirement plan, and a steady paycheck to be completely self-employed.  Since then we’ve grown the business exponentially and also started Virtual Accountant, Turbo Merchant, and Paymark Payroll Processing.  We’ve worked with thousands of clients and have helped hundreds of business owners grow their businesses.

I’ve always had a passion for small business.  The idea of working for someone else literally makes my skin crawl.  I decided to start Own The Corporate Ladder because I know I’m not the only person to drift off and day dream about the freedom of entrepreneurship while sitting in a cubicle in a stuffy office.  My favorite part of my business is working with entrepreneurs.  Both established and brand new, I love passing on the knowledge that I’ve accumulated over the last twelve years.  This website is a way for me to pass on the vital information that you need to start, run, and grow your business.

Along with this Podcast, please check out www.ownthecorporateladder.com and check out our YouTube Series where we spotlight actual business owners.

If you have a topic you want me to cover, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! My email address is jerrykenna@jerrykenna.com. (You think you can remember that?)