Passionate About Pets/Compassion for All Animals

Passionate About Pets/Compassion for All Animals features current interviews with leading national and international animal advocates, health experts, authors, and newsmakers. It is a uniquely engaging forum that gives voice to the people who love animals of all kinds, from traditional companion animals to farm animals to endangered species. 

Rich Britton, host and producer, has worked for over over 30 years to raise awareness about numerous animal welfare issues and has helped find homes for countless animals. Earlier in his career, as a TV Weatherman for NBC, Las Vegas, Nevada, Rich created, produced and hosted live weekly broadcasts at the Nevada Animal Society (now SPCA) during prime time news hours. These live location broadcasts would sometimes feature up to 10 orphaned animals. The thought being that the more animals seen on television, the better the chance for a viewer “to fall in love with a friend for life.” His animal welfare work was honored by the governor.

As a TV Personality and Weatherman for the Fox Affiliate in Philadelphia, Rich then created FOX Fursday, a weekly animal adoption segment broadcasting live at animal rescues, shelters and SPCAs through Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. This unique field location broadcast model was designed to give greater exposure to local shelters, as well as to decrease stress on the animals. The Fox Fursday adoption model also picked up by other affiliates nationwide. 

For the past 6 years, Rich has hosted the radio show, Passionate About Pets/Compassion for All Animals.