Episode 40

Hall Of Fame

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Is there a better way to celebrate our 40th episode? Nope! Tonight we induct the people who have made an impact on the patCAST. Matt Davis, Kevin K. Lewis, Matt N., Taylor "Wafnots" Newman, Dr. Kenny Sheltonov and Joey "The Watson" Watson are the six people inducted this year. Tyler Mullins appears as the announcer and his sister Amber appears to support her friends.

Minor spoilers ahead! Matt Davis inducts his product rival Matt Nassar. Davis discusses their friendship and their similarities. Dr. Kenny Sheltonov inducts Taylor "Wafnots" Newman. Sheltonov shares personal memories of Newman and reveals Newman's catchphrase. Newman inducts Matt Davis and compares Matt to Dos Equis in his speech. Patrick Mahan inducts Joey "The Watson" Watson and tells us about Nutter Butter Bites. Watson inducts Kevin K. Lewis and reminds us about that book he once read on the patCAST. Mahan returns to induct the man with the most appearances on the patCAST, Dr. Kenny Sheltonov.

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