People My Dog Would Like

Welcome to People My Dog Would Like, a fresh new podcast where I get to sit around a digital campfire with you and explore what interesting people are doing with their game changing ideas, fresh initiatives and cool, out-of-the-box movements with an eye on the future. There are so many sticky, complex challenges we face in the world today that can fundamentally be solved through the exponential advances happening in technology. This podcast is about sharing some of this incredible information with you, to take note and use in your own life, to take advantage of all the endless opportunities that are out there for you to embrace.

My name is Lizzie Mettam and I created this podcast to help drive conversation and action around how we can all work together towards solving some of these big issues. Whether it's what kind of work is opening up for us in our future economy, new education models to consider and trial, brilliant initiatives that help tackle social issues like homelessness, inequity, obesity and the massive rise in mental health problems..... even help with how to parent our children and teenagers in the digital age, this podcast is for you. 

I believe dogs are drawn to the kindness in people and they innately seem to know who of us out there is kind and compassionate. So I'm learning with Cha Cha, my gorgeous retriever who doesn't retrieve, to filter my guests and ideas, for a more compassionate future, a thoughtful future...... and together I'm hoping we can drive a positive conversation around the endless possibilities the future holds for all of us. So grab a chair, a stick and some marshmallows and enjoy the conversation.

Opening music credit is the track, Helpless Blues, don't worry, the irony in the title is not lost on me, by the fabulous The Bamboos, a hot Melbourne band.