Pet Parenting 411
Episode 1

Love and Respect - Give a little and get a lot back in return

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My guest, Andy Falco Jimenez, is an 8x Number One Bestselling author. After a 24 year career as a police officer, a number of those years as a canine officer, in the city of Anaheim, Andy created one of the most successful dog training companies in the United States, Falco K9 Academy. Andy and Falco K9 Academy have trained the dogs for hundreds of law enforcement agencies, most of the Disneylands, major medical centers, and for several countries. Falco K9 Academy has also trained thousands of pet dogs throughout North America, South America and Europe. Andy has also trained hundreds of detection dogs - for bombs, drugs, bed bugs, allergens, etc. - is a much sought after expert witness for legal cases involving dogs in the U.S. and Canada, and also provides training to dog trainers. 

Andy tells us about how his canine partner while on the force saved his life; how dog parenting taught him about parenting his kids, and vice versa; and the driving philosophy of love and respect that he has when it comes to training. He wraps up the interview with his best tip for dog training and teases us about a new program he's putting together on transforming the human-dog relationship backed by scientific principles. (We'll have to hear more about that another time!)

To get hold of Andy and find out more about Falco K9 Academy, you can go to

Here's the list of books that were mentioned in this episode (and even a bonus video that wasn't), all available through Amazon:

  • Falco: Walking with God and a Dog 
  • Dog Training with Love and Respect: 5 Steps to Creating a Long-Lasting, Loving Relationship With Your Dog
  • Police Dog Recruit: A Puppy's Dream To Become a Crime Fighter (a children's book)
  • Dog Park Etiquette (a video)


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