Pints & Mics

EP 11 // The Great Outdoors (feat. Our Wives)

Philippe Lazaro published on

Okay, this episode is our best yet, and we mean that. First of all, we are talking about one of our absolute favorite things– the great outdoors. We talk about our recent camping experiences, some trails and campsites and National Parks where we dream of going, and the sad statistic that on average, humans spend 90% of their lives indoors. But even better, our wives join us in the studio for this episode! Deanna Lazaro and Katie Ward take on a series of rapid fire questions, ponder what's really at the South Pole, and toast to what's good. The show is so much more lively with more voices, so look for more of that in the near future.

Amazon // The Foodspotting Field Guide
Wikipedia // The Pole of Inaccessibility
Boomsbeat // 47 Amazing Photos of Salar de Uyuni
Vimeo // Mile... Mile & a Half (Trailer)

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