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EP 12 // Syria's Refugee Crisis (feat. Steven Foster)

Philippe Lazaro published on

Well, we can't exactly call this episode's topic a fun one, but it is a very important one. Philippe and Chris talk at length about the crisis going on in Syria, and more particularly, about how it's affected the lives of the eleven million Syrians who have had to leave their homes. A picture of a boy started giving this issue a lot of press in the past couple weeks, but it's been going on for a few years and still hasn't gotten a fraction of the attention it deserves. Philippe and Chris share a little bit of insight into what's causing the crisis, and some of the challenges the world faces with the displacement of millions of people. Plus, they're joined in the studio by a friend to the podcast, Steven Scott Foster. Steven has a podcast of his own and has had both Philippe and Chris as guests, so although it's his first episode, it definitely didn't feel like it.

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