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EP 14 // What We Talk About When We Talk About Sports (feat. JB Colbert)

Philippe Lazaro published on

Only one podcast brings you all of the hottest debates in sports… and we’re not even a sports podcast! Do sports breed an unhealthy sense of us vs. them thinking or is it a healthy outlet for that side of human nature? How important is winning, or is this a question that even needs to be asked? Most importantly, if we were to draft from every athlete to take a squad to a family reunion to compete in family reunion style games, who do we pick? Does the acting we see in FIFA lend itself well to charades? Does LeBron’s overall athleticism translate into the egg toss? JB Colbert, host of The Saturday Night Quarterback comes and joins us to weigh in on the issues. Also, on an important note, we share some thoughts on the recent tragedy in Oregon and celebrate the importance of human life.

The Saturday Night Quarterback
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