Pitching and Moaning
Episode 12

Ep. 12: Cool Story, Needs Less Mort

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“No man is an island unto himself” – John Donne. An interesting poem, but it seems to be an idea that is quite often forgotten today. In film and television, the Bechdel Test, the simplest of ideas on whether or not a movie is female positive, is so often failed, even by those awarded Oscars. So, when given the chance, what fresh new ideas can the female mind bring to the table? If the saying goes “when the cat’s away, the mice will play,” what will Mort’s mistreated, downtrodden friends do when he’s late to his own podcast recording? This Episode: An absolutely true day in the life of normal, everyday woman. Regenerating men. Kevin James. The latest Ghostbusters movie is given the long overdue respect it deserves, and Mort reveals a concerning twist of fate.

Starring Taylor and Cool Story, Needs More Girls hosts Lizz and Maggie

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