Episode 20140003

5 Geeky Minutes on... Hating the Simpsons

Douglas Kline published on

PodBlasts are usually 5 minute breakneck paced yet easily digestible podcasts on any number of topics found in geek culture.  This episode focuses on the greatest show of the 20th century.  Not just the greatest animated show or the greatest comedy, but the greatest show of the 20th century!  Still, the Simpsons has its detractors.  Doug and his guest Luis discuss the hate that the Simpsons has received over the past 25 seasons, with many claiming that it's not as good as it used to be, even though they haven't watched the show in more than a decade or two.  We also learn how Luis overcame his own Latter-Day Simpsons snobbery by actually watching the episodes.  We then give you all you need to know on what you can do to rediscover the Simpsons (essentially) for free, online and this August on FXX.

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