Pod Like A Hole
Episode 66

A Space Poddity 15 : David Bowie (1967)

Staric Chanderstad published on

In this episode, your three loveable lads of lively conversation take you inside the Deram world of David Bowie's first self titled album, David Bowie, released in 1967.  We take you lovely birds and cool cats into the swinging 60's where Bowie was finding his artistry by conversing with Laughing Gnomes, playing in Rubber Bands, begging to Gravediggers, borrowing comics from Uncle Arthur, and urging someone to buy his toys. Does Bowie ultimately succeed in becoming the next groovy sound from London or does he have to go back to the drawing board to figure this whole rock 'n roll thing out? 


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Video Links

  1. David Bowie - Sell Me a Coat - https://youtu.be/CAybnKW1Djk
  2. David Bowie - Rubber Band - https://youtu.be/d9Lb9r-oh6g
  3. David Bowie - Love You Till Tuesday Promotional Video - https://vimeo.com/211318045
  4. David Bowie - When I Live My Dream - https://youtu.be/QgIa8UtxX4g
  5. David Bowie - Let Me Sleep Beside You - https://youtu.be/U_hX482pLbE
  6. David Bowie - When I'm Five - https://youtu.be/qLoO9Ek-3FU



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