Pod Like A Hole
Episode 50

A Space Poddity 9.5: ...And the Spiders From Mars

Staric Chanderstad published on

"Now I've been told, that you've been bold, with Eric , Marc and Steve!"

Dear listeners, we left you on a cliffhanger last week.  Steven barely broke Marc out of the mental hospital, Marc barely got his mind back, the team discussed the year of 1972 and did a track by track analysis of Bowie's "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust".

Well they are back to continue the conversation with:

-  All of the Bowie era bonus tracks and B-Sides

- The film: "Velvet Goldmine"

- A sampling of notable covers of the Ziggy songs

- Mott the Hoople

- and the nice little bow that we tie this gift up with:  a track by track dive into Lou Reed's "Transformer" and discuss the important relationship between the two artists.

-And then we roll the dice to see what crazy album we fall in to next!


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Phase 02 Artwork by Greg Wolgast http://www.instagram.com/g.wolgast.art

Holy Holy - https://youtu.be/uUsnsReD_8k

Velvet Goldmine - https://youtu.be/WmBC4ztvmdU

Velvet Goldmine Trailer - https://youtu.be/FRY9K78uDRs

Nerve Agents - Suffragette City - https://youtu.be/DELM4Jn3HCM

Bauhaus - Ziggy Stardust - https://youtu.be/rhJZrRV5YKo

Bowie and Lou Live - https://youtu.be/F2orgACrQto

BBC All Star Line-Up - Perfect Day - https://youtu.be/dfddYDRIFGY

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