Pod Like A Hole
Episode 83

B-Side; 1999: The Future is "Outside"

Staric Chanderstad published on

In 1995, David Bowie & Co. released the album ‘Outside’.  We will be discussing that in our next official episode.  However, in the liner notes, song lyrics, and skits, David Bowie was clearly telling a complicated story.  A murder mystery taking place in the oppressive future of 1999.  He dubbed this story “The Nathan Adler Diaries:  The Art-Murder of Baby Grace Blue - A non-linear Gothic hyper-cycle.”  This would be too much to cover in our official episode, so just as he did in Season 1’s “Year Zero”, co-host Eric takes the wheel and delivers a summary of the (intentionally) complicated back story.  This will fill in the gaps and get you the listener more prepared for our "Outside" analysis




Eric follows this up with an interview with long time friends of the show, The Wolgasts: Greg, Dan, Jamie, and even, briefly, Phiaus (aka Pulsar Glitch).   Eric and the Wolgasts celebrate 90’s Bowie and discuss why this phase was unique for him.  We discuss the legendary Outside Tour (with Nine Inch Nails) and, generally, how a group of kids discovered music in the 90s, in Arizona.  


Enjoy the conversation.  




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