Pod Like A Hole
Episode 68

B- Side: Under Pressure

Staric Chanderstad published on

People on the streets, screaming, "Let me out!" , but we all express our societal stress in different ways.  Your Bowie Boys (Marc, Eric, Steve) get together, once again, to have a few laughs and analyze another moment in the musical career of David Bowie.  To set the stage for the next episode, 1983's Let's Dance, this B-Side will cover the mega-huge single, "Under Pressure", a collaboration with the band Queen.  They aren't alone, local music man and low-key Queen historian, Ryan Lacasse, hops on the coveted 4th mic and provides some valuable insight.  Enjoy the show!

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Queen / David Bowie - Under Pressure Official Video - https://youtu.be/a01QQZyl-_I

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