Pod Like A Hole
Episode 29

Bad Witch

Staric Chanderstad published on

The team (Marc, Steve and Eric) delve into the final (well most recent) NIN album and really give it their all.  The drawings are bleeding down the cave walls, but we all somehow somehow make sense of them.  The world is in a state of disrepair and we deserve every terrible thing we do to ourselves.  Now let’s listen to 6 jaunty tunes about it!  Your boys break it all down, discuss it’s connections to Bowie, how this ties in to the big Trilogy, and discuss other Big Trilogies!  Listen, enjoy, interact:  tell us what you think about this album, and trilogies in general.  Don’t worry, though this is NIN’s last album, we are NOT DONE YET.  Big announcements afoot regarding when we are making our big announcements.    And also:  Face/Off.  



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