Pod Like A Hole
Episode 12

BONUS EPISODE: Talkin' Fragile with Mike Spreigl

Staric Chanderstad published on

Hello True Believers. At this point we've taken just as long to release our episodes about the Fragile as it took Trent to do the same, so allow us to supplement you with a bonus episode with friend of the show Mike Spreigl. Steve called up Mike and they discuss Mike's history with the band, their love for the Fragile and it's various directions, the importance of a good wedding playlist, the beauty of Faith No More, How GREAT ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD IS, the physical ticket experience, the whimsical nature of TR, and much more. Mike has his own podcast (where this ep can also be downloaded) called Burning Bridges https://burningbridgeswithmikespreigl.simplecast.fm/ where a just turned 40 year old "muses about what has changed in his life as he has become older as well as revisits the things he loved as he grew up and discusses if those things still hold up today." So if you can't tell, he's our target audience. We hope you enjoy this bonus content. 


See you soon for arguments about With Teeth! (but first one more episode on the Fragile Era...don't worry, that episode is done and waiting to be unleashed)

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