Pod Like A Hole
Episode 16

Bonus Episode: The World of Year Zero

Staric Chanderstad published on

Breaching your atmosphere in a very short time will be Pod Like A Hole's "Year Zero" recap.  However, what was too rich, too thick to even fit in that episode was a deep dive into the immense world that Trent Reznor, Rob Sheridan and the artists at 42 Entertainment built around these songs.  It's in this world building that the characters and perspective for all the songs on Year Zero came from.  Starting in 2007 (i.e. The year Negative-15) all the way to 2022 (i.e.  Year Zero, 0000) there is an exciting cast of characters, mind controlling drugs, soul-crushing politicians and hopeful, though often violent, resistance fighters. Though we'll mention direct references in the main episode, this bonus-sode will truly give you a thorough background.   

If hearing co-host Eric Anderson dust off a poster board and attach some yarn to connect all the characters, timelines and theories sounds like a fun way to get excited for our Year Zero episode, then start here!

Acknowledgments:  None of this would have been possible without the research by the collaborators over at http://http://www.nin.wiki/Main_Page

If you want to see even more in depth research, check that out.

find the direct download at: http://http://shoutengine.com/PodLikeAHoleANineInchNailsandTrentReznorPodcast/


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