Pod Like A Hole
Episode 4

Downward Spiral Pt. 2 / Closer / Further Down the Spiral

Staric Chanderstad published on

In this episode, Marc, Eric, and Steven complete their discussion on The Downward Spiral and this time it wasn't deleted. You the lucky listener finally get to hear Eric break down the album into a three act narrative. We also venture into the Closer/Closer to God singles and the remix release of Further Down the Spiral. Eric once again defends 25 remixes of one song that repeats the same sound for 12 minutes whilst Marc and Steven do their best to figure out if Dave Ogilive prefers to be called Rave.


Eraser: https://youtu.be/CVuOX4fUBOQ

Hurt: https://youtu.be/dhh21crSohs

Johnny Cash Cover of Hurt: https://youtu.be/vt1Pwfnh5pc

David Bowie - Crystal Japan: https://youtu.be/Tg-9pL6k3CI






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