Pod Like A Hole
Episode 6

The 5 Year Gap: Quake/Lost Highway/Closure/Remixes

Staric Chanderstad published on

Marc, Steve, and Eric are joined by Joe Vierra to complete our discussion on the timeframe between the release of The Downward Spiral and The Fragile. We discuss Trent Reznor's work on the game soundtrack Quake, the soundtrack to David Lynch's Lost Highway, The Perfect Drug single and video, the tour and video collection of Closure, and all the remixes he produced for a variety of artists and bands. Eric and Marc manage to fight about instrumental music, Joe gives everyone a history lesson on Drum 'n Bass music from the mid-90's, and Steve moderates it all. Jump in as we wade through 5 years of Nine Inch Nails doing anything else besides releasing a full length album.


Quake Gameplay: https://youtu.be/3_MlX4P8kWw

Lost Highway Trailer: https://youtu.be/1nKjO9QCSic

Perfect Drug Video: https://vimeo.com/3612941

Perfect Drug - DJ Aphrodite Remix: https://youtu.be/xClGEkeTbNw

Hard Copy - Nine Inch Nails Clip: https://youtu.be/5gV8yQc0m7g

KMFDM - Light (Fat Back Dub/Nine Inch Nails Remix): https://youtu.be/5ccKjulPTa8

David Bowie - Hearts Filthy Lesson (Alt. Mix/Nine Inch Nails Remix): https://youtu.be/l5HYT5kRvYk

Marilyn Manson - Mother Inferior Got Her Gunn (NIN Remix): https://youtu.be/fZBGO-_woeE

David Bowie - I'm Afraid of Americans Video: https://youtu.be/u7APmRkatEU

Wink - Black Bomb (Jerry in the Bag): https://youtu.be/ZZOsqs6zbS4

Killing Joke - Democracy (NIN Remix): https://youtu.be/ThhPRU5YisI

P. Diddy & The Family - Victory (Nine Inch Nails Remix): https://youtu.be/MZnO54HHshs

Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction (NIN Remix): https://youtu.be/NxZWhUez3BE

Queen - Stone Cold Crazy (NIN Remix): https://youtu.be/cW9_ZoB0aIE
















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