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Episode 10

EP 10: Embodying the spirit of freedom in daily life with Dewi Ratna Jewel

Nico Balschuweit published on

Dewi Ratna Jewel is a dance healing artist, lover of life, explorer of Sound, Movement and Consciousness.
She inspires to spread the message of beauty, love and compassion through visual arts, the art of dance and sound in connection with mother nature and the animal kingdom:
creating pathways for people to remember their way home, their connection with the feminine, nature and rediscovering their way to thrive and live in Joy.

Dewi is connected to the spirit of the Dolphins, Wales and mother nature and she shares in this podcast her journey to a higher frequency which enabled her to communicate with the animal kingdom.

She is also the founder of the golden Nai’a Foundation. Nai’a means Dolphin and I highly recommend that you follow the below link to learn more about the Ocean conservation and self awareness by following the below link:


You can request a session wthe Dewi Ratna Jewel or read her profound spiritual blogs, Dance of Life, here: http://ratnadewithin.org/

Vlog on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_XesWfbcysEnbfwvRg59Mw

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yoginidewi


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