Podcast for your Soul
Episode 15

EP 15: Podcast For Your Soul with Gabrielle Orr – Insight in the Akashic Records

Nico Balschuweit published on

Gabrielle is an international number one book selling author,  Akashic Record Teacher and consultant. She taught thousands of people how to access the Akashic Records in her workshops in the US as well as in Europe. Additionally, she shares her profound wisdom and teaches you how to access the Akashic Records also in live online classes. 

Gaby explains in this podcast what the Akashic Records are. 
She opens the Akashic Records with a sacred prayer so you can experience the energy yourself and can ask your own question while listening. 
Gaby also reveals the potential of the year 2020 from the perspective of the Masters and Teachers. 

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One true love: https://amzn.to/2FpdtN3

Let miracles happen: https://amzn.to/2umHScz


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