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Episode 17

EP 17 - What my Soul told me - the interview with Richard Barrett

Nico Balschuweit published on

Richard Barrett is author and writes about leadership, leadership development, values, consciousness as well as cultural evolution in business and society.

He is the founder of the Barrett Values Centre, where he created value-based assessments for individuals, organizations, communities, and nations,

The chosen values are mapped against the “Seven Levels of Consciousness Model” ™ which Richard invented.

Richard has a unique capacity to build a bridge between the spiritual dimensions and the cooperate world.

He shares his insights about the soul – ego dynamic and the seven levels of human consciousness with us during this interview.


Upcoming workshop:


Join Richard Barrett, Christa Schreiber and a team of experienced facilitators on a four-day journey into learning how to achieve your full potential—from well-being to flourishing. Invest in your future by letting go of your past.

Location: Frielendorf, Germany (D-34621) 2 hours north of Frankfurt.

?Dates: October 26-30, 2020

More information: https://www.barrettacademy.com/academy-master-classes/workshops-germany


Free e-learning course:

Please visit https://www.barrettacademy.com/ to sign up for Richard’s three free e-learning courses:

Living a values-driven life at home, at work and in society (LVDL)

The Well-being of Nations 2020 (WB20)

The Humanity Awareness Initiative


Free values assessment:

I highly recommend taking the free PERSONAL VALUES ASSESSMENT

Which helps you to understand your individual values.




You find Richard’s latest books here:



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