Podcasting For Free
Episode 3

$11 for Artwork and Podcast Intro

David Jackson published on

Today I explain how I paid $1 for my artwork, and $10 for my voice intro.. I explain about some areas where you can find music for your podcast.

Today I talk about intro for your podcast. You need to know that you can't use music you hear on the radio as you need

1. Permission from the songwriter

2. Permission from the performer

3. Permission from the person/company that own the masters rights.

Free Podsafe Music

I found a song on Music Alley. If you use music from this site you have to credit them in each episode. So I found a song and contact the band directly (they broke up, but the singer said it was cool).

Inexpensive Voice Over Work

I found a person on Fiverr who did the voice over for me. It cost $10

I then used Audacity (free software for mac and PC) to put the song and the voice together.

Be careful using fiverr. I would NOT use Fiverr for graphics or intros (I explain in the episode as people use illegal pieces in their work). Here is a comment from one of my listeners:


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