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Episode 53

053 | Air France 4590 Revisited with John Hutchinson

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Today is July 25th which is, of course, the anniversary of that tragedy. The crash signaled the beginning of the end of Concorde, and the end of the era of supersonic commercial air travel.


This is an all time personal favorite episode, and one of the all time most downloaded episodes as well.


John is an amazing person who has lived a life that most aviation people can only dream of, culminating in the combined professions of being not only a British Airways Concorde Captain, but a BBC Broadcaster as well. Envy barely begins to cover it for me…


If you’re interested in learning more about John, please consider clicking on the link in the show notes to purchase his autobiography, The Wind Beneath My Wings written by Susan Ottaway. It’s amazing!


And, if you’ve not listened to episodes 33-36 of this podcast which I called Concorde week, please go back and listen to learn more about John’s career, Concorde in its heyday, and other amazing stories, including hanging out with the royal family, as told by John himself.


Until next time…. GOOOOD Day!


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