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Episode 61

061 | Spy Week Part 1 | The Air Zoo, Steve Justice, BC Thomas, Ed Yeilding

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Our story starts with me standing in a hangar. A really big hangar. Actually, it’s more like a movie set. A movie set, with rides, and and F-14 and an SR71, but they’re not props though, they’re real…

I’m not on a movie set at all though, I’m in a museum. A museum they call the Zoo. And I’m in Michigan.

Follow along all week as the story unfolds. 

Today, hear from former Lockheed Skunk Works Director and Historian, Steve Justice. Plus, Pilots B.C. Thomas and Ed Yeilding tell us what it was like to hold a blackbird steady for 20 minutes for a refueling. What it was like to mess with Fidel Castro from 80,000 feet, to make the final Blackbird flight, while setting a world record speed run, and to deliver a piece of history to Washington. And what it’s like to see 3 sunsets and sunrises in an hour, while looking down into the eye of a hurricane.

Special thanks go to Jamie Pleune for kicking this all off.

And to Air Zoo CEO Troy for Hosting me, and giving me free rein to record this spectacular weekend.

Thank you Abby for being an amazing co-producer!

And thanks to Nikki, Nate, and Rebecca. For turning the chaos into magic. ...and for introducing me to Blackbird Porter.


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