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Episode 63

063 | Spy Week Part 3 | High Maintenance | Ed Hall, Floyd Jones, Lewis Sulzle, Mike Relja, David Burns

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“A letter to Kelly Johnson” was a bonus part of “Blackbird: The Movie” A film by Lockheed. I recommend you go see it.

For today’s episode, I have 5 people here who CAN follow that act. The guys who maintained it.

The reality of operating the SR was that with all of its technology and grace, it needed a lot of maintenance. And rightfully so. Can you imagine being tasked with learning every nut bolt, spacer, mount, bearing, expansion joint, seam, and seal in the world’s most amazing aircraft?

I think it’s safe to say it wasn’t like working on any other aircraft at the time, or ever since, and for the crews tasked with keeping it ready to go at all times, it wasn’t like supporting anything else…

Today we hear their stories. And if you even think for a second that the maintenance side of things isn’t for you, think again. The 5 histories you’re going to hear today will change the way you think about maintenance forever, and each story will teach you something you’ll take with you, and think about every time you touch an airplane from now on.

The SR is capable of going so high and fast that it’ll get hotter than an oven just from friction, but ever wonder what happens if you get it wet? What happens if you catch fire during refueling and end up stranding one in Ogden, UT? Or what to do if you’re going to run out of Nitrogen, before you run out of fuel…


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