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Episode 64

064 | Spy Week Part 4 | The Blackbird Affair

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Saturday night at the museum.

Maybe not something you’d associate with a good time. Probably the opposite actually. But on THIS Saturday night, even for a college town like Kalamazoo, the Air Zoo was the place to be.

Because, on that night, every single member of the crew was out and about to tell their stories to a willing crowd. Forget about the context of a museum, the Air Zoo is possibly one of the finest event venues I’ve ever seen with an aviation theme. Like walking onto a movie set but one where you get to interact with the characters. And the characters in our story are the SR-71 crews.

And to make it even more special tonight was the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to actually sit inside the SR 71.

If you’re wondering, yeah, I did end up sitting in it, in the same exact seat that Buz, BC, and those select few instructors got to sit in as they checked out each and every one of the 89 or so SR pilots at Beale.

And it was an honor.

Now that we’ve met all but 3 of our crew members, as you listen, see if you can identify your favorites as we spend the evening walking the floor of one of the most unique evenings I’ve ever had.

What you'll hear:

Steve discussing taking the Job at Lockheed

Ed Yeilding discussing HABU

BC and Ed Still have their flight suits ready

BC Thomas Trolling North Korea

“Short a rudder”

Ed Hall Gives us a guided tour of the B model


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