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069 | The IMC Club

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 The IMC Club’s purpose is to promote instrument flying, proficiency, and safety. The intent is to create a community of pilots willing to share information, provide recognition, foster communications, promote safety, and build proficiency in instrument flying. IMC Club chapters offer monthly meetings in which pilots can network and share knowledge and experiences.

The chapter resources and scenarios are being produced and distributed as a new program by EAA IMC LLC (“EAA IMC”), an Experimental Aircraft Association Inc. subsidiary, under a license from IMC Club International Inc. This will provide resources for new and improved program offerings that will enhance and expand the impact of the IMC concept.

To provide continuity, support, direction, and programming, Radek is now the manager of flight proficiency with EAA IMC. Being part of the EAA family will provide the network, critical mass, and resources to take flight safety and proficiency to the next level.  EAA IMC Club is presented by Bose Corporation and supported by Jeppesen.


In the meetings, a scenario is given, nothing is artificial, the scenarios really happened! What would you do?


Hangar Flying… What do you think of it? I’m kinda mixed. On one hand, it’s a lot of fun to shoot the breeze about stuff you may (or may not’ve) done. But let’s face it. It’s often times just a bunch of poorly told stories with a loose plot, that ultimately culminates in one of those endings about how it used to be, or worse yet, a completely lucky twist of fate that probably should’ve ended worse, but didn’t, and now we have this gem of a story circulating around, that makes you wonder how the storyteller is still employed, or alive…


And don’t get me wrong, I’m the first person who loves a good story, aviation or not, obviously. But I feel like they should go somewhere. And maybe even help somebody. Or at least, not make our airspace system a sketchy place to be.


I’m Brandon Gonzales, This is Podcasting on a Plane, and this is YOUR aviation audio magazine, where we hit aviation from as many angles as possible, my favorite two are from the cockpit, and from the tower. And that’s because I’m an Air Traffic Tower Controller and a pilot and CFI too, you know the rest.  And our stories take place in a mythical, but actually quite real place often referred to as West Coast Delta. And here in the Delta, we share stories, news, and experiences that will help you love aviation even more. Maybe even make you better… OR to steal the tag line of today’s topic, Smarter, safer, and Ready for anything.


Don’t Go away…


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