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Episode 81

081 | Has "Narrative" ruined journalism? or was it Twitter... With Rob Mark

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What’s Narrative?

No, honestly what is it. And why the heck are we talking about it on an aviation podcast?! Well, because I’m repurposing content from another thing I do. No, I’m kidding… Sort of. Narrative affects everything we hear. It’s that thing news outlets have that affects how they’re going to spin a story. And if you ask me, it’s a bummer that has to be a thing at all.

Today’s a really cool episode, because we’re stepping a little outside the usual mold (as if there was one here), and pulling back the curtain a little bit. And for those in the business of making content, it’s something we struggle with sometimes.


Now, this is an aviation podcast, one in which I often promise the back story in all that we do in air world, and since aviation journalism is how we spread the word about pretty much all that happens in it, I figured an episode like this is fair game. If you’re new here, this one’s a little different. Regular listeners will know that I’m an administrator at the 21st century aerospace communicators group, along with many notable aviation writers you’ve actually heard of, and if you’re curious, make sure to get on Facebook and request to be in the group too. Oh, and don’t forget to go back and listen to Episode 52 for more about us.

The group is led by Rob Mark, and no matter where you fall in the spectrum of civil aviation, you’ll probably be familiar with his work. He’s the Senior Editor at FLYING Magazine and the publisher of JetWhine.com, long time Airplane Geek over at the Airplane Geeks Podcast, Graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern, but most importantly of all, frequent guest on this show….

Ok maybe that’s not the most important part, but he’s back today because we really wanted to tackle a topic that’s an underlying part of just about everything we read, hear, and watch in the news, aviation or not: Narrative

It’s a simple word, and it’s defined by (Dictionary.com): a representation of a particular situation or process in such a way as to reflect or conform to an overarching set of aims or values. 

But the implications of it are huge. It’s part of the entire brand of a news outlet. And, if you ask me, or anybody really, it often gets taken too far. To the point that things are straight up twisted to make a story pan out a certain way. And then twisted a little further to get more re-tweets…


21st Century Aerospace Communicators Group

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Has Twitter ruined Journalism?

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