Podcasting On A Plane
Episode 37

A "Chat" about ATC with Rob Mark

Podcasting On A Plane Aviation Podcast published on

We’re both pilots. We’re both controllers. We both create aviation media. This one was fun!


Today on the Show. What happens when a couple of guys with a double sided long view get together and start talking shop about something important to them?


Well, we have a lot of fun talking shop actually. And I think you’ll learn a lot about how things are done when it comes to ATC training, and operating at busy general aviation airports.


So, a little about Rob. As if you didn’t know, he’s the senior editor at Flying Magazine. You’ve all heard him for years on Airplane Geeks, aviation minute, and on his own JetWhine production at Jetwhine.com


Also, check out commavia.com to see more of Rob’s work. 


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