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Episode 12

Episode 012 | Shaesta Waiz - Dreams Soar Inc.

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You’re about to hear from the youngest woman to fly around the world. Solo. Only 6 women have ever done it before her, in the history of aviation. But she didn’t do it for glory, she did it to help children all over the world, become interested in STEM concepts, and in aviation as a career. 

She is the first Afghan woman to earn a civilian pilot’s license. 

She’s the first in her family to attend college.

She’s the founder and President of Dreams Soar Inc. A nonprofit she founded still in her 20s to help women all over the world land careers in STEM related fields. Her organization provides inspiration, outreach, and scholarships for young women with dreams of careers in fields involving Science Technology Engineering, and Math.

From her birth in an Afghan refugee camp, she was groomed for a traditional life as a mother and founder of a large family, more than the founder of a non-profit with global reach. But she decided to break the mold and travel the world encouraging young women to do the same. Although she does still love to cook.






Music by : Reaktor Productions, GG Riggs


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