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Episode 22

Episode 022 | Is the wing going to fall off? Roy Williams | Airframe Components

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Roy’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCDXt8LoCm6m4z1h-Cqv9Xw

Roy’s Video on SB 1244B: https://youtu.be/-D5vCoWKgII


Today, we get an incredible firsthand lesson from Roy Williams on small aircraft wing construction, corrosion, corrosion treatment and corrosion prevention.


Roy answers questions on the following topics:

The aging GA fleet

Percentage of aircraft are afflicted with corrosion issues?

How does corrosion start?

Are there any particular models which are more susceptible than others?

He tells us about Service Bulletin 1244B.

What inspections can owners/renters/pilots do?

How can you detect spar/attachment corrosion?

What can be done if major corrosion is detected?

Besides wing spars, are there other areas/components which are particularly troublesome?

How do the different piper wings relate to each other? PA28 v. PA32. Hershey Bar v. Semi-tapered.

An AD about spraying linseed oil inside the wings to prevent corrosion?

What would it cost to install an inspection panel?

What’s the proper way to burn fuel in the Cherokee Six?

Are these things safe to fly? Like, are we all ok?


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