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Episode 087 | Personal Wings | Rich Pickett

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Have you ever met one of those people where, it seems like every sentence out of their mouth gives you déjà vu? It doesn’t happen very often, but maybe that’s why you remember... It happened to me last year at an MMOPA safety stand down. I walked in, sat down. And I started listening to the guy teaching the class (his name is Rich by the way). He talked about icing encounters in Colorado and some other stuff you might find relevant next time you’re doing something you probably shouldn’t be in a meridian or an eclipse.

But after the lecture ended he took us all out to lunch at the fantastic Mexican restaurant Cosa Machado if you’ve ever been to Montgomery Field (KMYF). He started talking about the things he done, the places he had been, crazy stuff actually. I think it started with flying in airplane in the thunderstorms or something. But then we got to becoming a police officer in Colorado and not just anywhere Colorado; Telluride Colorado (KTEX). The very same place I grew up. The same place I did a radio show with my dad. And, guess we talked about next. Broadcasting. Then, Working a more or less first job throwing bags for continental airlines at Stapleton, Which they also let me do back at Telluride as my first aviation job. I mean. CO Express, but hey, who’s counting. And plus, the flights went to Denver anyway. So there.

But I can’t help feeling that so many things that I did, it’s like he had done the same thing only a few decades earlier.

Anyway. Something I’ve said, or at least implied, is that aviation can be just so many different things to so many different people. And I’m not here to judge. Quite the opposite, I’m happy for you however you choose to integrate it into your daily life.

And while I wouldn’t change much about my journey, there’s a little part of me that has a dream about how, in a different time and place, maybe I’d have taken a different path. One where I stuck with broadcasting. Or whatever, and took aviation into my life in a different way.

And that’s why I gel with our guest today so well. Because that’s exactly what he did!



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