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Episode 89

Episode 089 | Listener Feedback | Boeing settlement

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In the old school where print magazines were all we had, letters were pretty much how content creators (also before they were called that too) would interact with the readership. But now, I think it’s so cool that we have the ability to actually talk with the content creators we like, and one of my favorite parts of doing this podcast is talking with those of you that listen, and then come up with really good feedback and questions.

And as we kiss good-bye they worst year on record in my lifetime, and start in to 2021 with a healthy amount of cautions optimism, I can’t say that I’ll be changing the show fundamentally. But, if there are any resolution-style changes I’d like, it’d be to get you all on it more, be it through voice feedback, emails, or whatever.

And to that end, I’ve got quite a bit of it today, questions, comments, a little something for everyone, so let’s get to it. Oh, and we’re going to talk about that little 2.5 Billion dollar payout Boeing owes too...

Seattle Times Article 

Current state of Boeing & deliveries 

Was MCAS even needed? (Thank you Russ Irwin for passing this one along)


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