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Episode 91

Episode 091 | Remote View Flight Check? with Rob Mark

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I think it was Bob Dylan who sang about the times, they are a changin’. And while I guess that’s always a little true, it seems like it’s especially appropriate now. And I hope it’s all good, because there are a few things that really do need a changin’ so that we can resume functionality in the industry.

And particularly this is true anywhere there’s bureaucracy. Like how many times have you said something like. “Don’t we have a technology to just automate this?” And since the beginning of the pandemic, maybe you’ve said something similar like “can’t we just do this remotely?”

Well, more and more, it’s looking like the answer is yes! Just about every meeting and collaboration can now be done from the comfort of your home over Zoom or Teams, and for the most part, that’s cool. That is, unless your kid pops in on your live broadcast, or you’ve accidentally left your favorite sex toy on the shelf right behind you...

But what about in aviation? We don’t pilot passengers remotely. Yet at least. We can, but do t really do remote tower operations. However you could argue that just about all radar stuff is remote though. But of course, not from home.

But there is one thing we just may be able to do remotely now, but the jury is still out on whether or not it’s a great idea…


Rob and I want to hear from you about this! Make sure to send in your feedback so that we can discuss it in a future Episode.






P.S. go to Rob's website jetwhine.com  where you're always welcome to "be a whiner."


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