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Episode 92

Episode 092 | Languish | Rob Mark

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I’ve been in a bit of a funk. Not really flying, not really participating in the industry, not really inspired to put it bluntly. And I know I’m not the only one. And it’s kinda funny, since by all counts, we’re actually coming out of this disaster time and getting the industry on the long road to recovery. Will it ever be the same. Well, probably not exactly, but who knows, maybe it’ll be better?

But I finally started flying again on the regular. Every Saturday around noon you might find me in a Diamond Star somewhere over Southern California and it feels pretty good. But there were a few first flights back that felt more than a little uncomfortable and awkward. And I don’t like feeling that way in an airplane.

Now I know, I know, this might be the last thing anybody wants to talk about ever again. Except maybe politics, that’s usually worse, and I usually make a point to steer clear of that as much as possible, but the conversation we have isn’t about that, although it may border dangerously close few times... It’s about what I call “getting it back.” Our lives, our inspiration, our mojo. Getting our groove back so that we can put this all behind us as quickly and healthily (I’m sure that’s a legitimate medical term) as possible. So, I hope you’ll stay listening, and let me know how you’re feeling as we come back to reality.



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