Pop! Pop! A Pop Culture Podcast
Episode 27

Disney / Fox Merger (Also we're back, nothing happened, we've been here the whole time)

Joel Reaves published on

The guys are back! But they've also been here the whole time, remember last week's episode about Comic-Con 2016? That was great. This time around we're talking about a monopoly -- I mean Disney!  They've just purchased Twentieth Century Fox and that means The X-Men & The Fantastic Four are back home at Marvel and that the original Star Wars Trilogy distribution rights are under the same roof as the rest of the universe.  Does this mean Cyclops and Wolverine are going to be in the MCU!? Does this mean that we're finally going to get an unaltered release of the OT!? Who knows!? We don't! But we talk about it a lot! Also we dish on the new Venom trailer, whether or not James Gunn deserves his job back, if MoviePass is going to survive... and much more! Tune in to see if we're back for good or if we'll be gone for another two years!  

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