Pop! Pop! A Pop Culture Podcast
Episode 21

Homecoming (aka Tangentcast)

Joel Reaves published on

Pop! Pop! the Pop Culture Podcast! is BACK! After an unscheduled hiatus (the guys have lives, okay?) The LA Nerd and Taylor are sitting down with their friend Patrick Geraghty again to bring you the nerdiest news of the week! 

Jim from The Office is going to be a secret agent; Joel uses Snapchat to learn from a fan that Alicia Vikander is going to be the new, more-appropriately-sized-chested Lara Croft; Jon Bernthal stole everyone's hearts as the Punisher so he's getting his own series at Netflix; RDJ just can't quit Iron Man and the guys aren't too beat up about it; Joel & Taylor absolutely lose their shit over the newest Spider-Man footage from Captain America: Civil War while Patrick couldn't care less and finally, 20th Century Fox is taking a page out of the Marvel playbook by skipping Comic-Con's Hall H this year... Joel predicts the Comic-Con bubble is soon going to pop! 

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