Pop! Pop! A Pop Culture Podcast
Episode 37

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Joel Reaves published on

What's up nerds!? Bet you're freaked out by this semi-regular schedule aren't you? Well, this week the nerd news is pretty short! The guys discuss the early cancellation of Swamp Thing (lol DC) because apparently they're trying to be the next Firefly... too soon? Then, a quick breakdown & review of the newest season of Black Mirror. Spoilers: it's good. 

No one who has ever graced the presence of this podcast has been shy about their hatred for Fox's X-Men franchise, and no movie has been anticiapted with such hatred quite like Dark Phoenix has... but... Maybe we were wrong? Go in knowing this - there are three versions of Dark Phoenix: the movie which is set within the continuity-fucked Fox X-verse, the movie which is a standalone send off to the franchise, and the movie which is just one long Cyclops showreel.  One is good, the other is terrible... But which one is hands down amazing?  You'll have to tune in to find out!

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