Pop! Pop! A Pop Culture Podcast
Episode 4

X-Men Universe

Taylor Salan published on
Joel Reaves updated on

This week on Episode IV: a new Pop! (The 4th episode of Pop! Pop! the Pop Culture Podcast)  The LA Nerd and Taylor welcome their very first guest! Woo!  Nicolette Gonzalez joins us for NATIONAL IPA DAY! and things get a little tipsy.  Apparently Lexus has made a real life hover board (unlike that hack Tony Hawk) and it's not very impressive!  Wah-wah.  Joel geeks out all by his lonesome about the return of Prison Break for a 10-episode return to Fox, everyone gets excited about the idea of a Marvel produced X-Men television show that would be in the same vein as Daredevil, and we talk about the HD release of the Deadpool trailer! 

We have to apologize though, there wasn't any Batman five Superman news this week, maybe next time you guys!

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