Episode 20

FBI vs Apple...This time it's personal

Bodie G published on

In this episode of Popped I talk about the upcoming FBI/Apple court case. 

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  • Apple vs FBI
    • The FBI want’s to unlock the San Bernardino shooters iPhone
    • Shooters personal devices destroyed
    • San Bernardino County owns the phone
    • Syed Farook agreed to for his work phone to be monitored
    • Mobile Device Management wasn’t used
    • iCloud backed up approximately 6 weeks prior to incident
    • FBI changed the iCloud password
    • Apple attempted to help FBI all attempts failed
    • FBI wanted Apple to disable security features so the FBI can brute force the password
    • Apple said no, so the FBI took Apple to court
    • Judge said Apple must create a tool for the FBI to brute force the iPhone
    • Only this iPhone
    • FBI Director said this order has a limited scope and only applies to this phone
    • The Justice Department has 12 phones it would like Apple to unlock (People familiar with the matter)
    • Apple has to prove that making such a tool is a undue burden on the company
    • Apple doesn’t have the tools to do this
    • This is not breaking encryption
    • Forensics hacking tools must go through certification 
    • Chain of custody must be preserved
    • The defense gets a chance to review the code
    • Cellebrite is a forensics company and could assist the FBI
    • FBI can syphon the encrypted data off the iPhone and attempt to break the code without risking the data on the iPhone
    • NSA likely has zero day exploits to open the phone
    • FBI Director James Comey has a job and is playing on peoples fears
    • Apple may be using this marketing
    • Former NSA Director Michael Hayden supports the FBI in this one case but is against universal backdoors
      • "In this specific case, I'm trending toward the government, but I've got to tell you in general I oppose the government's effort, personified by FBI Director Jim [James] Comey," Hayden explained to USA Today. "Jim would like a back door available to American law enforcement in all devices globally. And, frankly, I think on balance that actually harms American safety and security, even though it might make Jim's job a bit easier in some specific circumstances."
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