Prince: Track by Track

Track 1 Album 20: Crystal Ball

Darren Husted published on

Darren talks to Zachary Hoskins (Dystopian Dance Party) about the opening, titular track from Crystal Ball.

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  • Whenever I have trouble understanding the meaning of words in songs it is because it is modern slang for which there is no word in regular/proper english. I have to go to the on-line urban dictionary and look it up. Prince also sings about a "crystal ball" in the song "Violet the Organ Grinder" when he says "you and I were neatly in the middle of a crystal ball" Remember, there are other meanings for ball; a formal party for social dancing OR a thoroughly good time! There is in this song and in the album cover itself, the double entendre, pun and ambiguity that Prince is known for and what lends Prince's music poetic mystique. Sex? Yes. But what would your teacher tell you to do? Look it up!