Projekt Possible
Episode 41

Adee Zukier and Michael Cazayoux: Therapy is Cool and the Honeymoon Phase is Real

Brendon Kozack published on

Our first episode of its type will not disappoint! Power couple Michael Cazayoux (brUTE Strength boss), and Adee Zukier (CEO of Working Against Gravity) joined hosts Brendon and Brittney to chat about all things relationships, meditation, and therapy-related. Whether you're struggling in your relationship or life, our guests share steps you can take to experience more happiness. If you're new to meditation and mindfulness practice, Michael has advice for getting started. If you suck at being vulnerable, Adee will tell you how to improve, and together they'll convince you of its importance in your relationships. Yes, according to these love birds, the honeymoon phase is real, and yet they both admit they're more excited about each other than ever! Press play now to learn how to level up in love and life.

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