Projekt Possible
Episode 21

Business and Balance with Mike Bledsoe and Chris Moore from Barbell Shrugged

Brendon Kozack published on

Didn't get enough of Chris and Mike on Episode 20? Neither did we. Tune in, again, to learn from the brains behind Barbell Shrugged on how to turn your passions into your purpose, how to build the career or company of your dreams, and how to balance work with play and family. Mike and Chris each have their own views on harmonizing priorities, and listening to their philosophies will undoubtedly bring clarity to the best way of life for you.

Learn more by visiting or You can follow Mike on Instagram @mikebledsoe and Chris @barbellbuddha. Also, be sure to check out Chris' own podcast "Barbell Buddha" for highly intentional ramblings. You can find more information on Mike's retreat, Camp Bledsopia HERE.

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